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Ming Xiao Metal Parts Manufacturing outsourcing Aluminum castings from our friend die casting factory, provide clients professional Die casting manufacturing & export services.


Die casting is a method of Forging casting liquid. Die forging process is a kind of special die casting forging machines to complete the process. The basic process is: first, low speed or high-speed liquid metal die casting into the mold cavity, the mold cavity surface with activities, which the cooling process with the pressurized liquid metal forging, both to eliminate the defect roughcast porosity, also rough up the internal organization of broken grains Forged. Blank comprehensive mechanical performance improved significantly.


Pressure die casting is a casting method of molten liquid alloy into the pressing room, high speed filling in steel die cavity, then curdled under pressure. Die casting methods different from the other main features of high pressure and high-speed.


Die-casting process produced roughcast, the outer surface roughness can finish to N7 (Ra1.6), such as the cold extrusion process or the surface of machined up like a metallic luster.


We can custom all kinds of Aluminium die castings, Zinc alloy die castings. All die casting parts need open molds, the mold fee should paid in advance, we can provide samples in 30 days after received the mold fee. we customed die casting parts & export to the world more than 7 years. we are the creditable & responsible supplier in China.


COC, Test Report, Rohs, plating report, coating reports, is available !


  • The technics & capabilities: Low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting
  • Materials: casting aluminium, cast zinc & alloy
  • Finish treating: Shot Blast , chrome plating, Painting, nickel plating, Powder Coating, anodize, etc.





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