Ming Xiao Cold Forging-Nonstandard Fasteners

cold forging fasteners cold forging nuts


Ming Xiao Metal Parts Manufacturing supply nonstandard fasteners (bolt,nuts,screw,pin,stud) custom cold forging services, we made nonstandard fasteners by cold heading / cold forging or lathing - handle pins, Dowel Pins, nonstandard hex head bolts,squre head bolt,philips head screws,pan head screws,nonstandard screws, nonstandard pins, nonstandard nuts of square nuts,self lock nut,etc.


We do not supply standard fasteners, so all the products if made from us should open molds.


We can produce stainless steel, carbon steel nonstandard fasteners.


Surface treatments can be coating by Znic blue,Zinc black,Zinc yellow,Nickel Plating,Dacromet,Hot dip galvanizing,blackening.


We also provide Thread coatng by Precoating glue,such as VIBRA seal 516.

COC, Test Report, Rohs, plating report, coating reports, is available !





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