Ming Xiao Specialize in produce hot forged brass parts

brass forging hot forging parts
brass parts hot forging forged brass parts

Hot Forging process is widely use for abnormity brass parts, due to Brass is noble metal,for reducing the material cost, we can use hot forging process to make a rough parts with expected structures at first, then machining base on the rough parts.


Descriptions of Hot forging process, this technics need open a forging mold at first, then heating the brass materil to red & soft, then pressing on a punch, then clamp into water for cooling, then get the rough parts.


Because need open mold, so this technics do to suit to small quantity brass parts.

Finish can be nickel plating, chrome plating, etc.


If you are interest in our hot forging process to produce your brass parts,pls feel free contact with us.






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