Ming Xiao Supply plastic profiles produced by plastic extrusion

We are professional Plastic extrusion manufacturer & supplier from Ningbo China, we can supply plastic profiles,plastic pipes produced by extrusion.

Extruded Plastic Profiles


Ming Xiao MGF specialize in extruded profiles, tubes, rods, LED lampshade, PC profile bar, we can extrude plastic materials of PC, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, AS /PE.

For ABS, PC, pet, thermal plastic elastic body TPV/TPR/TPE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polystyrene PS, hips, polysulfone (PSF), organic glass PMMA and nylon, ASA, PP-SEBS coextrusion and other engineering plastics profiled extrusion products with a variety of production capacity and technical skills. Especially the Soft & Hard coextrusion technology, Copper & Plastic coextrusion technology has high attainments.


The products mainly use for auto parts, light rail train fittings, lamps and lanterns, refrigeration industry, household electrical appliances, stationery, warehousing and other enterprises to provide quality support services.


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