Ming Xiao Metal Products

turned partsTurning Parts

machined partsCNC Machining

metal stamping partsStamping Parts

progressive die stamping partsProgressive Die Stamping

sheet metal fabricateSheet Metal Fabrication

deep drawnDeep Drawing

tube bendingPipe Bending & Assembly

wire formingWire Products Forming

stainless steel castingStainless Steel Castings

aluminum die castingAluminum Die Castings

cold forgingCold Forging

hot forgingHot Forging

metal welding partsWelded Parts

plastic injection molding partsPlastic Injection Molding

plastic extrusion profilesPlastic Profiles Extrusion



Ming Xiao MFG is a China supplier, we have our own factory, we are the good China manufacturer for custom producing your metal parts.


Range of materials from carbon steels, stainless steels, plastics, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.Finish treating: Alodine, black / colour anodizing, electroplating of chrome/zinc/nickel/tinning plated,copperize,Colour spray-painting,heat treating, polishing, powder coating, Blackening processing,passivation etc.





Metal Turning & machining factory





Metal Stamping & wire forming factory





Cold forging & Hot forging factory





Die casting & lost wax casting factory