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progressive die stamping
progressive die stamping parts

Progressive die stamping metalworking is suit to high volume mass producion, and because most small stamping parts with high volume, so most progressive stamping parts is small parts.It's widely use in electronic metal parts production, such as sheet contact terminal,connection-peg & all samall stamping parts


The characteristics of the progressive die stamping:
1. Progressive die is a multi-task sequence die, a mold, including punching, bending and stretching process, with high productivity;

2. Progressive die operations with full security;

3. Automation;

4. Can use high-speed punch press for production;

5. Can reduce the numbers of punchs, the plant area, reducing transport and storage of semi-finished products occupy;

Basic requirements of progressive die parts:

1. Smaller parts;
2. High volume;
3. Material thickness is thinner (0.08 to 2.5mm);
4. Material relatively soft;
5. Shape is more complex;
6. Can not too much high precision (utmost is IT10 level).


  • The technics & capabilities: progressive die punching, coining, bending swaging
  • Materials: strips of Aluminum,copper/ brass,stainless steel, carbon steel, Mild steel,cold roll steel, etc.
  • Finish treating: hard anodizing,electroplating of gold/silver/chrome/zinc/nickel plated, tinning, blackening etc.


Advantage of Progressive stamping: rapid production & cheap unit price

disadvantage of Progressive stamping: high cost for progressive die, small volume is unavailable.


Lead time for progressive stamping die & samples in 45days.

COC, Test Report, Rohs, plating report, coating reports, is available !





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