Ming Xiao Provide Stainless Steel Casting & Finish Machining Services

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We are the OEM stainless steel casting supplier in Ningbo China, we outsourcing stainless steel casting rough parts, then precision machining in our own factory.


stainless steel casting usual technology is Lost wax casting(or call it investment casting).

but can use different material to be the bond medium, such as sodium silicate sand casting & Silica sol casting. the difference of 2 technologies is:

1)sodium silicate sand casting suit to low precision(allow big tolerance, generally +/-0.3mm at least), surface rough,but cost is low, processes simple, production period shorter.

2)Silica sol casting can produce high precision parts, can control the tolerance in +/-0.15mm, surface is good, but processes are complicated,production period is long, cost is very high.


  • The technics & capabilities: Lost wax casting (Investment casting)-Silica sol casting,sodium silicate sand casting, then precision machining.
  • Materials: SS304 & SS316L.
  • Finish treating: Sand ripple, sandblasting, mirror polishing, color separation, and passivation.





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