Metal Parts China

Metal Parts China is a China based high precision CNC machining company. We provide cost-efficient high precision and complex 3 to 5 axis cnc metal machining services and manufacture custom high precision metal & plastic cnc machined metal parts or components. We are committed to provide you best high precision CNC machined products & machining services at most competitive prices. At Metal Parts China, with state-of-the-art precision machining equipment,highly skilled people and our team's know-how, we can help you saving the precision machining cost and increase your competitive edge.

The legal full factory and company name of Metal Parts China are Zhuohang Precision Machining Factory and Dongguan Zhuohang Ltd(China Social Credit/Business License/Registration/VAT Number: 91441900MA4UWT6X39).

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We are your original manufacturer, supplier or vendor and exporter of custom cnc machined metal parts,cnc metal machining services,Custom Machined Parts, CNC Milling Parts, CNC Turned Parts and Precision Machined Parts.

Since we started as a CNC Machining Shop, and then from precision CNC machining factory to CNC precision machining company, we specialized in high quality, high precision and complex CNC machining. Our CNC precision machining factory covers an area of 6800 square meters and has has more than 60 skilled employees.

The quality management systems at our factory are ISO9001 and IATF16949. When you need a reliable and professional custom high precision cnc machining supplier and partner in China, our team are ready for you.

Metal Parts China,oem manufacturer,supplier,venor,exporter of cnc machined metal parts

Business registration profile:

Registered Company Name: Dongguan Zhuohang Ltd

Brand Name: Zhuohang
Establish Date: 1/3/2006
Registration Number/VAT Number: 91441900MA4UWT6X39
Import & Export Licence Number: 4419960UTV
Former Name 1: Zhuohang Precision Machining Factory
Former Name 2: Dongguan Zhuohang Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
Registered Address/Factory Address: No. 8, Shuibian Songyuan Road,,Tiankeng Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Quality Management System: ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016.
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Registration City: Dongguan
Registered Capital: RMB2,000,000
Legal Representatives: Liu chang mu


Corporate values: People at our core, sustained innovation, excellence and speed and customer first.
Group spirit: Transform and innovate, pursue truth and act pragmatically.
Corporate aims: To satisfy the needs of clients and the market.
Corporate spirit: Solidarity, pragmatism, the breaking of new ground and innovation.
Corporate philosophy: Management, time-efficiency, leadership and perfection.
Management: Management of science.
Time-efficiency: Providing rapid and agile service in the event of urgent client need.
Leadership: Domestic leadership in products, concepts, technology and services. Achieving international leadership standards.
Perfection: Pursuing zero-defect quality.

As our operating policy, we have held fast since we were founded to the precepts, "People at our core. Sustained innovation. Excellence and speed. The customer first." We currently possess such machining and testing equipment as CNC lathes, turning and milling composite machining centres, 3-5 axis CNC machining/milling centres, precision grinders, slow wire EDM cutters, precision stamping presses, 2D optical measuring instruments, 3D coordinate measuring machines, height meters, microscopes, roughometres, and metal material detectors, giving us extensive machining and quality control capability. Also, for many years, we have brought together and cultivated a cohort of managerial talent in process design and manufacturing technology, mature, perfected manufacturing process, meticulous and reliable quality control systems, and stable and proficient, high-quality employees, ensuring that we can provide all our clients with first-rate, high-speed machining services.

The components we machine cover such fields as machinery, robots, aviation, automotive, electronics, medical, and communications, include many kinds of materials, including plastic, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium alloys, and all types of specified surface-finish handling to meet factory needs, such as anodising, electroplating, spraying, and polishing. We are distinguished for machining many varieties of precision complex structural parts.

We welcome you to visit us, and hope we can move forward together!